About Us


Our complete Endural line is available in high performance ESD materials (both static dissipative and conductive) as well as standard High Density Polyethylene. For years our containers have been trusted by major electronics, computer and telecommunications firms for handling of their sensitive electronic components. Returnable shipping containers which perform in rugged environments are a specialty with us. Automotive and other quality and environmentally conscious organizations rely on our containers. We meet the stringent material handling criteria of some of the world’s most sophisticated manufacturers. We are sure we can do the same for your company. Our reputation has been enhanced by our ability to produce custom containers for unique applications. Endural has the means to engineer, tool and produce custom molded products on relatively short notice. Put our experience to work for you the next time you need standard or custom material handling containers. Having spent over 50 years building our reputation for excellent products and service we offer the reliability you seek.


ENDURAL Containers are vacuum formed from sheets of High Density Polyethylene. The containers are impervious to oils, most chemicals, rot, solvents, and temperature extremes. We also mold containers in a variety of other plastics including ABS and styrene. Vacuum forming produces a stress free container with maximum resistance to cracking from impact and other environmental conditions. Anti-Static materials available.

Standard Colors:

  • High Density Polyethylene – Medium Grey
  • Static Dissipative – Medium Blue
  • Conductive – Black
  • (Other colors available upon special quote)

Nesting and Stacking

Nesting boxes have tapered sides. When empty, they nest into each other and save space. A Stacking box has little or no taper. It has projections to hold another box stacked on top without resting on the contents inside the box.

Executive Bios:

Who is Jim Burra?

Here’s a little background. Jim is the president and major owner of Endural. He finally became president after buying Endural’s predecessor and naming himself to that post. A plastics career was not in the grand plan but occurred in 1989 when W. D. Adam Co. was offered for sale. Prior to that, Jim had been the CFO of a multi-industry public company called Intercole, Inc. He was part of a management group which teamed with outside investors to take Intercole private. When Intercole sold to an investor a few years later, Jim went searching for his own business. He liked what he saw in Endural and was, with a friendly banker’s help, able to close the deal. Endural has enjoyed many successful years, building on its roots of containers for the aerospace and electronics industries. Jim had planned to add automotive to the mix and in 1993 introduced the first plastic case for transporting engines. That business has grown substantially and today Endural has 14 case sizes and enjoys a dominant position in both the engine and transmission case arena. Along the way, Jim had an opportunity for early retirement. In 1998 Endural was sold to Hoover, a subsidiary of CitiCorp Venture Capital. Jim continued with the business as an employee and consultant until 2006 when Endural was offered to the employees. At that point Jim, Sue Williams, and Raul Rivera bought Endural. Jim continues as the CEO of Endural and concentrates on special projects such as new products and concepts. He has served on the board of Semtech Corporation, a publically traded analog semiconductor company, for over 20 years. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of Chapman University. Jim has been married to Kay for 51 years. Their 2 daughters, Lisa and Laura, have 6 children. Weekends are now spent at the soccer and baseball fields rooting for grandchildren.

Who is Sue Williams?

Here’s a little background. Sue is a partner in Endural as well as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Sue worked her way up from an inside sales clerk to the top sales position in the company. Sue’s career started in 1980 when Endural served the California aerospace and electronics industries. The Company was owned by the founder, W. D. “Doug” Adam. Doug designed and tooled material handling containers, many of which continue as active products in the Endural catalog. Sue worked with Doug Adam as a liaison with customer purchasing and engineering personnel. In the early 1990′s Sue became an outside sales person and began proactive calls on old and potential new customers. She also worked with distributors and representatives by accompanying them on calls to end users. It was about this time that the opportunity to service the automotive industry arose. Endural had designed a revolutionary product for the transportation of automotive engines. Sue did the prospecting and the introduction of this product to the remanufacturing industry as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers. Sue joined the Production Engine Remanufacturers Association, PERA, and became active in its conferences and conventions. She serves as a co-chairman on the Sales and Marketing Council of the MERA organization, as well as being involved in several other associations including ATRA and APRA.  Sue is know by some as “The engine case lady.” Sue spends about half her time serving the automotive industry. Since that first engine case, she has worked with both engine and transmission rebuilders to design and create 18 sizes of transportation cases as well as over 50 inserts to cradle various engines, transmissions, rear axles, cylinder heads, hybrid  batteries and diesel particulate filters. Several of the new designs resulted in patents and Sue holds 2 patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office. Sue’s daughter, Tina, and  son, Scott are young adults so Sue now uses some of her energy to run marathons including the Boston and New York City Marathons. Sue’s career at Endural and its predecessors has spanned over 30 years. She is looking forward to many more years as an owner and manager of Endural, LLC.