Industrial Bins, Boxes Guide

Industrial Bins, Boxes Guide

Companies have many options for the handling containers, storing, and shipment of their products. When cost and quality matter, businesses turn to Endural for industrial storage bins and packaging solutions, including vacuum formed industrial storage bins and boxes.

We meet the stringent material handling containers criteria of some of the world’s most sophisticated manufacturers. We are sure we can do the same for your company.


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Here are 8 key reasons why companies prefer to work with Endural for industrial storage bins and other material handling needs:


Companies routinely tout their commitment to quality. Others prove it. We insist on making the right product for each customer. We have 50 years of experience. See what we can do for you.

Cost Savings

New and long-time customers appreciate the money they can save by investing in a reliable product they can use for years on end. Disposable cardboard and wooden boxes just can’t measure up in terms of performance and the mounting replacement expenses. The ROI of an Endural container is normally less than one year; far better than the average capital investment.


We’ve been making industrial storage bins and boxes for decades. It’s our primary focus. Customers benefit from the depth of our knowledge and process. Our initial consultation ensures that we unite what we know with what you want to best care for your products.


Unlike injection molders, Endural is poised to help businesses with small orders and custom containers and industrial storage bins for unique applications. Endural has the means to engineer, tool and produce custom molded products on relatively short notice.

Vast Selection

We offer a diverse selection of industrial storage bins and containers, including heavy duty storage boxes, nesting boxes, food service containers, engine cases and more. They’re available in many colors and sizes. Although custom orders is a specialty of Endural, customers often take advantage of the box types we can produce from hundreds of different molds we have developed.


Our industrial boxes have many practical uses, but it’s the science behind and in them that appeal to our customers. Our complete Endural line is available in high performance ESD materials (both static dissipative and conductive) as well as standard High Density Polyethylene. For years, our containers have been trusted by major electronics, computer and telecommunications firms for handling of their sensitive electronic components.


Endural industrial storage containers hold up well even in the most rugged settings. Automotive and other quality and environmentally conscious organizations rely on our containers. The containers are impervious to oils, most chemicals, rot, solvents, and temperature extremes. We also mold containers in a variety of other plastics including ABS and styrene. Vacuum forming produces a stress free container with maximum resistance to cracking from impact and other environmental conditions.


Industrial boxes are often lighter than metal containers and minimize safety risks, particularly since they don’t come with sharp edges.

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