Modular Tote Boxes – Stacking

  • Divider grooves on 1 1/4″ centers, permitting formation of compartments 1 1/8″ x 1 1/8″ or multiples thereof.
  • These boxes stack with or without lids, so as not to rest on the contents.
  • Designed for use with both vertical and horizontal separators, snap-on lids (both transparent and opaque) and snap-on card holders.
Modular Tote Boxes- Stacking
Box Part#
Overall Length - A
Overall Width-B
Overall Height-C
Btm Inside Length-D
Btm Inside Width-E
Max No.
MTBD Short
Max No.
Approx Weight
MTB012118.252.596.25121511171.50.401C, 01P OR 01FA OR C
MTB013118.253.596.25123511373.250.401C, 01P OR 01FA OR C
MTB015118.25596.25125511574.50.601C, 01P OR 01FA OR C
MTB09615156.12513.37513.37596996961.609C, 09P OR 09FA or C
MTB0220515125139.87522257221594.251.2022C or PA or C
MTB0161216.2516.25121414160291602911.5301612P or 01612PR***A or B
MTB0156016.516.5614.62514.625-----1.7015P, 015F OR 015PR****A, B OR C
MTB02216.625112.514.7592227212112.250.802C , 02P, 02AR**, OR 02FA, B OR C
MTB02316.625113.514.7592237213113.250.902C , 02P, 02AR**, OR 02FA, B OR C
MTB02516.62511514.7592257215114.51.202C , 02P, 02AR**, OR 02FA, B OR C
MTB02616.62511614.7592267216115.751.402C , 02P, 02AR**, OR 02FA, B OR C
MTB02716.62511714.7592277217116.51.502C , 02P, 02AR**, OR 02FA, B OR C
MTB02816.62511814.7592277217116.51.902C , 02P, 02AR**, OR 02FA, B OR C
MTB0155016.62516.625514.62514.6251550111550114.6251.5015P, 015F OR 015PR****A, B OR C
MTB0158016.7516.375814.62514.6251580111580117.6252.2015P, 015F OR 015PR****A, B OR C
MTB0180418.2515.125415.7512.5182491814123.51.71804P, 1804C or FA or C
MTB0210419.2513.54.1251711.25*-*--1.8GPL1913PA or B
MTB0210619.2513.561711.25212692116135.1251.9012C OR 021AR**A or B
MTB0210919.2513.7591711.25212992119138.1253012C OR 021AR**A or B
MTB0100620.12520.1256.187518181006131006135.252.8010C, 010F OR 010AA or C
MTB0200620.514.5618.12512.25202692016135.52020P OR 020FA or C
MTB03322.37517.53201532211312152.252.203C, 03P, 03F, OR 03PR***A, B OR C
MTB03522.37517.55201532511315154.52.303C, 03P, 03F, OR 03PR***A, B OR C
MTB03622.37517.56201532611316155.752.803C, 03P, 03F, OR 03PR***A, B OR C
MTB03722.37517.57201532711317156.53.203C, 03P, 03F, OR 03PR***A, B OR C
MTB03822.37517.58201532811318157.753.503C, 03P, 03F, OR 03PR***A, B OR C
MTB03922.37517.59201532911319158.8754.203C, 03P, 03F, OR 03PR***A, B OR C
MTB031022.37517.51020153210113110159.754.703C, 03P, 03F, OR 03PR***A, B OR C
MTB031222.37517.512201532121131121511.755.303C, 03P, 03F, OR 03PR***A, B OR C
MTB24101023.75111021.7592.818201518101510018C, 018P, 01PR****, OR 018FA, B OR C
MTB018082410.875821.8759.125182871818177.3752.4018C, 018P, 01PR****, OR 018FA, B OR C
MTB018102410.8759.521.8759.1251820718101792.5018C, 018P, 01PR****, OR 018FA, B OR C
MTB0190524.2511.255229.125192571915174.51.91905C,FA or C
MTB0250226.62513.6252.62524.37511.375*-*--2025P OR 025FA or C
MTB0250526.87513.37552411.125252472514174.52.4025P OR 025FA or C
MTB0280529.25154.52713.528251028152142.9028P OR 028FA or C
MTB0340834.251483211.875342893418257.254.6034P OR 034CA



Snap On Lid

Snap-on Lid
Type A

Designed to snap over lip of the box for a good grip, while still easy to sna off. Outer ridges proide secure stacking for boxes. Lids provided in transparent materials (PETG), or opaque (HDPE or ABS).

Raised Lid

Raised Lid
Type B

Effectively increases depth of a box when contents protrude above the top. Choice of materials as above.

Die Cut Lid

Die-Cut Lid
Type C

This is a very low-cost way to provide a simple cover. It lies on the interior ledge just below the top of the box. Same choice of materials. Available for most styles of boxes.

Standard Card Holders

Standard Card Holders

Heavy gauge vinyl sheet with white back and transparent front. Industrial grade snap fasteners are on standard centers, regardless of envelope size. Card holders can be removed when boxes are cleaned

Outside Dimensions
Card Size
TH242 7/8 x 4 1/22 x 4 1/4
TH262 1/4 x 6 1/21 1/2 x 6 1/1
TH353 3/4 x 5 1/23 x 5 1/4
TH465 x 6 1/24 1/4 x 6 1/4
TH474 1/4 x 7 3/43 1/2 x 7 1/2
TH488 1/4 x 4 3/44 x 8
TH588 1/2 x 6 1/45 1/4 x 8 1/4


Modular Tote Boxes - Dividers

Dividers Material High Density Polyethylene – Black 1/8″ thick.

Horizontal Separators Material HDPE – Black, 1/8″ thick. These are used between sets of dividers to form tiers of parts, maximizing the capacity of the box

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