Endural Spreader The spreader is designed to allow maximum efficiency and speed in product freezing and subsequent handling of frozen products such as poultry, beef, port, or fish. Endural meat lugs are stacked on the spreader, which both secures the containers and allows airflow around and under them. Additional spreaders can be placed on top of the open-top containers to ast as a lid as well as a layer for more containers. The design allows spreaders and boxes to be stacked without fear of spillage. Air circulating around the containers means that product typically freezes in between 12 and 14 hours. The frozen products easily pop-out of the containers for storage without fear of contamination.
Product Number
Outer Dimensions
Approx Weight
Fits w/ Product
Boxes on each Spreader
SP534453" x 44"4 1/4"19 lbs.GP2716085 Boxes
SP544454" x 44"4 1/4"19.5 lbs.GP2617085 Boxes

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