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Engine Cases & Transmission Cases

The Endural Transportation Cases were developed to give you a better, more efficient and less costly way of storing and handling rebuilt engines and transmissions.

Rebuilders demanded better technology and better value from shipping materials and methods offered in the past. Working with leading Automotive Rebuilders, Endural has designed the Transportation Case to meet the industry’s specifications and rebuilder’s needs. Only Endural has specifically designed returnable engine and transmission cases.

Only Endural offers:

Ease of Handling

Moving and handling rebuilt engines and transmissions is easier than ever before with the new Endural Engine Cases. The engine or transmission sits securely inside and the cover fits snugly on the base. The flexible side hooks hold the cover firmly in place, making the case easy to carry.

Unbeatable Protection

Each engine or transmission is completely enclosed, protecting it from damage during shipping.

Fork Lift/Genie Lift Compatiblity

The Endural Transportation Cases were designed with six feet and two openings allowing 2-way forklift entry ensuring a balanced fit. Additionally, these cases are compatible with the Genie lift.

Leak Proof

The vacuum formed, solid plastic base captures leaking fluids, oils and grease, protecting your floors and storage areas.


Reduce your shipping costs by using the Endural Transportation Cases again and again. The rugged plastic engine cases simplify returning cores – increasing your rate of core return.

Stacking and Space-Saving

Now, you can save space by stacking one engine on top of another without damage. The sturdy Endural Transportation Case’s base feet interlock with the cover for stable stacking.

Transmission Case P/N
Insert P/N
Ford4F27ETC 200 B&L
FordATXTC 200 B&L
FordAWF21TC 200 B&L
FordAX4NTC 200 B&L
FordAX4STC 200 B&L
FordAXODTC 200 B&L
FordCD4ETC 200 B&L
FordCFT-30-CVTTC 200 B&L
FordF4A 40/50TC 200 B&L
FordF4EATTC 200 B&L
FordG4TC 200 B&L
FordC6TC 900 B&LTC 900 I
Ford4R44TC 1000 B&L
Ford4R44ETC 1000 B&L
Ford4R70ETC 1000 B&L
Ford4R70WTC 1000 B&L
Ford4R75ETC 1000 B&L
Ford54110WTC 1000 B&L
Ford5R44ETC 1000 B&L
Ford5R55ETC 1000 B&L
Ford5R55NTC 1000 B&L
Ford5R55WTC 1000 B&L
Ford6F50TC 1000 B&L
FordA4LDTC 1000 B&L
FordAODTC 1000 B&L
FordAODETC 1000 B&L
FordATSGTC 1000 B&L
FordC3TC 1000 B&L
FordC5TC 1000 B&L
FordFMXTC 1000 B&L
Ford4R100TC 1100 B&L
Transmission Case P/N
Insert P/N
GM125TC 200 B&L
GM125CTC 200 B&L
GM2004RTC 200 B&L
GM4L60TC 1000 B&L
GM4L60ETC 1000 B&L
GM4T60TC 200 B&L
GM4T60ETC 200 B&L
GM4T65ETC 200 B&L
GM180TC 900 B&L
GM180CTC 900 B&LTC 910 I
GM200TC 1000 B&L
GM200CTC 1000 B&L
GM250TC 1000 B&L
GM300TC 1000 B&L
GM325TC 1000 B&L
GM3254LTC 1000 B&L
GM350TC 1000 B&L
GM350CTC 1000 B&L
GM3500RTC 1000 B&LTC 1010 I
GM400TC 1000 B&L
GM4500TC 1000 B&LTC 1011 I
GM4L30ETC 1000 B&L
GM4L80ETC 1000 B&LTC 1000 I or TC 1100 I
GM4T40ETC 1000 B&L
GM4T45ETC 1000 B&L
GM4T80ETC 1000 B&L
GM5L40TC 1000 B&L
GM5L50ETC 1000 B&L
Transmission Case P/N
Chrysler413TC 200 B&L
Chrysler460TC 200 B&L
Chrysler470TC 200 B&L
Chrysler604TC 200 B&L
Chrysler618TC 200 B&L
Chrysler670TC 200 B&L
Chrysler42LETC 200 B&L
Chrysler42RLETC 200 B&L
Chrysler48RETC 200 B&L
Chrysler45RFETC 1000 B&L
Chrysler545RFETC 1000 B&L
Chrysler62TETC 1000 B&L
Chrysler68RFETC 1000 B&L
Chrysler500TC 1100 B&L
Chrysler518TC 1100 B&L
Chrysler727TC 1100 B&L
Chrysler904TC 1100 B&L
Transmission Case P/N
Insert P/N
Allison2000TC 500 B&LTC 500-1 I
Audi09GTC 1000 B&L
AudiAG4TC 1000 B&L
HondaJF506ETC 200 B&L
Hyundai/KiaF4A 40/50TC 200 B&L
Hyundai/KiaA4AFTC 1000 B&L
Hyundai/KiaA4FBTC 1000 B&L
MazdaAll front wheelTC 100 B&LTC 110 I
Mercedes722.6 NAG1TC 1000 B&L
NissanCVTTC 200 B&L
NissanRE5F22ATC 1000 B&L
NissanRE5R05ATC 1000 B&L
SuzukiAllTC 100 B&L
ToyotaU140ETC 200 B&L
ToyotaU140FTC 1000 B&L
ToyotaU660ETC 1000 B&L
Volkswagon09GTC 1000 B&L
VolkswagonAG4TC 1000 B&L
VolvoAF23-5TC 1000 B&L
VolvoAF33-5TC 1000 B&L
VolvoTF805LTC 1000 B&L

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