New Rear Axle Case from Endural

Rear axles have always been difficult to ship. The weight, as well as the length, required complex and custom wood packaging to protect the axle as well as provide forklift access. Damage to exposed components was all too frequent. The new Endural plastic rear axle case solves a multitude of issues. The case fits all but a small fraction of passenger car and light truck rear axles. The case allows the installer to easily drop in the old axle and thus provides an efficient way to return the core. Once the lid is in place, all of the axle is enclosed. As with other Endural cases, the new rear axle case is reusable and is expected to reduce the cost of rear axle packaging over a long period. To eliminate all that wood cutting and nailing and to have a clean easy to handle Endural case to ship your valuable products, give us a call. 800-854-0553