Transportation Cases

Transportation Cases

Endural transportation cases were developed to give you a superior, high-quality, durable, and more efficient way of shipping, storing, and handling remanufactured engines, transmissions, and many other valuable parts. Remanufacturing companies demand exceptional technology and improved protection from the shipping materials and methods offered in the past. Working with leading remanufacturing companies, Endural has designed transport equipment cases to meet the industry’s sophisticated specifications and requirements.

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The Uses of Transportation Cases

Transportation cases are widely used in the automotive sector, and they play an important role in the safe and efficient handling, shipping, and storing of various products and components. 

Transporting Engines and Engine Components - Automotive part shipping containers are vital for securely moving engines and their components, such as pistons, crankshafts, and rear axles, ensuring they arrive at assembly lines or repair shops without damage.

Shipping Transmission Systems - Auto part transmission cases are specifically designed to protect sensitive transmission parts during transit, ensuring that gears, clutches, torque converters, and other components remain intact and ready for assembly.

Delivering Automotive Electronics - Car part transportation cases designed for electronics are used to transport components like ECUs and GPS systems in a way that shields them from static and physical impacts.

Moving Automotive Glass - Transportation cases for car parts such as windshields and windows must be exceptionally secure to prevent any cracks or breaks during the handling process.

Carrying Interior Components - Transport equipment cases are used for interior automotive parts like dashboards and seats, which require protection from scratches and deformation during transit.

Distributing Automotive Lighting Systems - Shipping auto parts like headlights and taillights demands special attention to prevent damage, as these items are fragile and often expensive. Specialized car part transportation cases aid this process.

Transporting Exhaust System Components - Heavy-duty transportation containers are used to ship exhaust parts including mufflers and tailpipes, so they maintain their structural integrity.

Shipping Car Doors and Other Large Body Parts - Large automotive part shipping containers are utilized to transport car doors and other body components, safeguarding them against dents and warping.

Delivering Tires and Wheels - Specialized transportation containers ensure that tires and wheels are protected from the elements and rough handling during distribution to retail locations and service centers.

Carrying Airbag Systems and Components - Given the sensitivity of airbag systems, they are often transported in specially designed auto part transmission cases with electrostatic discharge (ESD) features that prevent any form of static electricity buildup that could cause them to deploy.

It should be clear that transportation cases are enormously helpful in shipping auto parts and accessories in a way that ensures they reach their destinations safely, while maintaining their condition and functionality across various demanding environments. Note that these kinds of transport equipment cases have their uses in other sectors as well, such as the medical, aerospace, and healthcare industries.

Transportation Cases from Endural

Endural's transportation containers are designed with the precision and durability needed to meet the demands of the auto industry. Made primarily from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these cases offer exceptional strength and resistance to environmental stresses such as impact and corrosion, which makes them ideal for long-term use. HDPE is also lightweight, which helps reduce shipping costs without compromising the safety of the contents.

Endural provides both anti-static and conductive options for our car part transportation cases. The anti-static cases are ideal for environments where static electricity needs to be controlled, preventing the build-up that can damage sensitive electronics. Conductive cases, on the other hand, are used where any static discharge needs to be immediately grounded, offering an extra level of protection against electrostatic discharge. These types of cases are commonly used for shipping auto parts such as engine control units (ECUs) or similarly delicate equipment.

Endural’s transportation cases for car parts are effective in protecting valuable goods in a way that is adaptable to the specific workflows in which these containers are used.

Custom Transportation Cases

Understanding that standard solutions may not fit every unique need, Endural also offers custom auto part transmission cases and related containers to businesses that require specialized containment solutions. This service allows companies to specify dimensions, materials, features, and even the type of static protection needed. The result is a unique transport equipment case that perfectly meets the client’s requirements. 

If you’re searching for heavy-duty automotive part shipping containers for a particular type of equipment or reusable transportation containers for general use, Endural can design and produce custom cases that enhance the efficiency and security of transporting components. This approach ensures that all products, regardless of their sensitivity, receive the highest level of protection during transit with our high-quality transportation cases for car parts. Contact Endural today for more information.