Creating Custom Material Handling Containers for the Medical Industry


Endural manufactures a wide variety of reusable material handling solutions, from HDPE trays to modular tote boxes, that are ideal for the demanding hygienic standards of hospitals, surgical centers, laboratories, and healthcare facilities.


By relying heavily on green manufacturing practices, including the use of recycled materials for medical storage containers, Endural reduces harmful impact to the environment and reduces the generation of waste products.
Custom designs
If you’re in need of medical trays or other material handling solutions in non-standard specs, Endural will work with you closely to craft custom materials that comply with your exact preferences.
Our medical storage bins, containers, and trays are constructed from vacuum-formed heavy-duty polyethylene that can resist chemicals, physical impact, high temperatures, and other stressors frequently encountered in this industry.
Endural’s product catalog includes a broad array of high-quality reusable medical handling solutions, including ESD and HDPE plastic containers, stackable and nestable storage totes and tubs, and much more.
We make medical equipment storage containers and solutions that are built for long-term use. These reusable products can endure years of service without sustaining damage or wear that can interfere with their functionality.
Medical Storage Containers

About Endural

Endural has been a leader in the material handling field since 1960, providing durable solutions for a variety of industries, and our range of expertise includes the medical sector as well. We design a wide array of medical storage containers and devices, including humidity-resistant trays and pans, stacking tote boxes, and similar solutions for use in healthcare facilities, surgical centers, hospitals, and laboratories.

When designing storage containers and material handling products for the medical field, several important characteristics need to be included. One of the most significant of these is sterility. Storage solutions should facilitate easy cleaning and sterilization processes to ensure the safety of surgical instruments, lenses, stethoscopes, syringes, and other items stored within.

Efficient organization is another important consideration. Medical storage containers should incorporate features that allow for easy organization and identification of items. Dividers, compartments, trays, and clear labeling are commonly integrated into the design to facilitate streamlined workflows for small parts handling and prevent mix-ups.

Designing for ergonomic handling is imperative to minimize the risk of injuries and ensure ease of use. Proper sizing, weight distribution, and comfortable handles and grips all contribute to optimal ergonomic design. These elements enhance the overall usability of storage solutions, making them easier and safer to handle for medical professionals.

Compatibility with other medical equipment should not be neglected during the design process. Material handling products should be designed to seamlessly integrate with racks, trolleys, carts, or automated systems commonly used in medical facilities. This integration ensures smooth workflows, efficient space utilization, and optimized organization of supplies and equipment.

Regulatory compliance is of utmost importance as well. Storage containers and material handling products used in the medical field must adhere to relevant regulatory standards and guidelines. Compliance with regulations set by organizations like the FDA or international standards like ISO ensures the safety and quality of these products in a medical or healthcare setting.

A vital aspect of product design is the selection of appropriate materials. Materials must possess qualities such as durability, non-reactivity, and resistance to chemicals to meet the stringent demands of the medical field.

To comply with all these performance requirements, Endural uses vacuum-formed heavy-duty polyethylene (HDPE) materials to create a variety of solutions, such as medical supply storage bins, totes, and tubs, that can withstand the rigors of long-term use. In addition to these, Endural can also make high-quality products out of ESD (static dissipative or conductive), styrene, or ABS plastic.

If you can’t find the right products in our current catalog, Endural can still help. We are fully capable of crafting custom solutions according to your unique specifications, such as bins of non-standard dimensions, or trays with advanced tamper-proof features.

From simple trays that enable surgical instruments to be stored in a sanitary environment, to medical laboratory nesting containers that can be safely stacked atop one another, Endural can provide solutions that can be reused for years without fail. To learn more, feel free to call Endural at 800-854-0553.

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Endural provides a high quality product that last for many shipments and will always work to meet any demand changes we have throughout the year.

- Briana

The communications with designs and modification changes to the custom inserts and the overall purchase of the engine cases with Endural was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and we look forward to our next order with Endural LLC.  

- Colin D.

Great company to work with! I didn't see a product they had on the website, so they custom built it for my automotive business!

- Robb P.