Material Handling Containers

Material Handling Containers

Endural containers are thermoformed from sheets of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is an extremely tough material with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic material. Our material handling containers are impervious to oils, most chemicals, rot, solvents, and temperature extremes. Thermoforming produces a stress-free container with maximum resistance to cracking from impact and other environmental hazards. Special ESD-safe materials including Anti-Static and Conductive options are also available.

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Industrial Storage Containers from Endural 

Endural is a manufacturer of HDPE thermoformed material handling containers, serving a diverse range of industries, including the automotive, agriculture, food service, pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, and electronics sectors. 

HDPE is known for its high strength-to-density ratio. It resists impacts, abrasions, and cracks, which is essential for long-term use in harsh environments. At the same time, HDPE is lightweight enough to be easy to handle. This material is also non-toxic and can be made FDA-compliant, making it safe for food contact. All these qualities make HDPE useful for a wide range of material handling solutions: stack and nest containers, food service bins, heavy-duty bulk storage containers. small part trays, industrial transportation containers, and much more.

Endural containers are renowned for their durability, versatility, and efficiency. Our key products include:

  • Stacking Modular Tote Boxes – Designed for integration into various industrial settings, these stackable bins can effortlessly accommodate storage and transportation needs. They can be stacked with or without lids and have grooves for removable dividers for the flexibility to create compartments.
  • Heavy-Duty Stacking Boxes – Created to handle heavy loads, these industrial storage containers are perfect for demanding worksites. Our “360” line of heavy-duty containers includes stack and seal boxes that feature a snap-together design, ensuring a tight seal between stacked containers, which is especially suitable for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Small Part Trays – Compact and versatile, these trays are essential for organizing and transporting small components. They are excellent industrial handling containers for delicate or tiny items.
  • Nesting Boxes – These easy-to-clean containers, available in various shapes and sizes, are perfect for a variety of applications. As nesting containers, they optimize space when not in use and are ideal for the agriculture and food service sectors.
  • Modular Tote Nesting Boxes – Primarily used as bulk storage containers, these industrial storage bins can be reconfigured with dividers when necessary. 
  • Dish & Food Service Containers – Specifically designed for the food service industry, these storage bins ensure safe and hygienic transportation of dishes and food items according to industry standards. 
  • Utility Pans & Trays – These shallow containers are invaluable for collecting dripping fluids in industrial settings. They’re perfect as material handling trays in chemical and automotive applications.
  • Returnable Containers – Made for sustainability and efficiency, these reusable Just-in-Time material handling boxes and bins are ideal industrial transportation containers that can go a long way toward reducing waste and costs.

Endural’s range of HDPE thermoformed totes, boxes, and other containers demonstrates our commitment to providing reliable, industry-leading solutions for material handling and storage.

Custom Material Handling Containers

Endural also offers a custom container service, catering to clients who require unique designs that aren’t available in our standard catalog. This multi-step process is tailored to meet specific needs in material handling and bulk storage containers. Clients are involved in each stage, from initial design proposals to approving prototypes. It’s ideal for ordering ESD material handling storage bins, trays, or other solutions that have non-standard dimensions or design elements.

This collaborative approach ensures that the final product aligns perfectly with your requirements. The ability to modify designs and samples before final production guarantees that your custom-made material handling containers or bulk storage containers comply with the particular demands of your operations.

ESD Containers

Endural’s range of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) containers is designed to meet the specialized needs of industries where static electricity can pose significant risks to products and processes. ESD containers protect sensitive electronic components and equipment from the potentially damaging effects of static electricity. These containers are specifically engineered to dissipate or conduct static charges safely, keeping their valuable contents safe.

Endural complies with the MIL-B-81705-B specifications in the creation of ESD industrial handling containers. This sets rigorous guidelines for the protective packaging of electronic items susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge and physical shocks. By following these standards, Endural’s ESD bulk handling containers and related solutions offer superior protection. That makes them ideal for demanding applications for the military, the aerospace sector, and other industries where safety is vital. 

Our ESD containers are available in anti-static and conducive options.

1. Anti-Static Containers

The anti-static containers offered by Endural are engineered to address the risks associated with static electricity in sensitive environments. These containers function by incorporating materials with high surface resistivity, which prevents the build-up of static electricity on the surface. Unlike conductive materials that allow for the flow of electrical charges, the materials used in anti-static containers are designed to inhibit the generation of static charges. This is important in environments where even a very small static discharge can cause significant component damage or data loss.


  • Electronics Industry – Ideal for storing and transporting sensitive electronic components like circuit boards, chips, and hard drives
  • Pharmaceuticals – Useful in environments where static could contaminate sensitive products or interfere with precision instruments
  • Aerospace – For handling components that are sensitive to static discharge

2. Conductive Containers

Endural’s conductive containers are designed to provide a safe and effective solution for handling and storing items sensitive to static electricity. These containers work on the principle of conductivity, where the material allows for the flow and grounding of electrical charges. With their low surface resistivity, these containers quickly dissipate any accumulated static charge and safely direct it away from the sensitive contents inside. This is achieved by creating a controlled path for the static electricity to follow, typically grounding it, thereby preventing the buildup of charge on the container or its contents.


  • Automotive Industry – For the safe handling and transportation of electronic components used in vehicles, where static discharge can disrupt functionality
  • Chemical Industries – To store and transport materials that may be sensitive to static-induced ignition or reactions
  • Data Centers and Telecommunications – For protecting critical electronic and computing equipment from static damage during storage and transportation

Endural’s ESD plastic material handling bins and boxes, encompassing both anti-static and conductive options, are useful to industries that demand high-level protection against electrostatic discharge. 

Whether you’re searching for effective material handling totes and boxes, bulk storage containers, industrial material handling baskets, or anti-static transportation containers, Endural has you covered. Feel free to explore the links on this page to learn more about these material handling and bulk storage containers.