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Endural manufactures a variety of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers as well as other material handling solutions designed for the unique storage and transportation requirements of the electronics industry.


Committed to “green” manufacturing, Endural uses recycled materials whenever possible in the production of our electronics cases and related material handling solutions. We also offer credit for the return of our used products.
Custom designs
If our standard catalog doesn’t have the products you need, we can create custom containers, boxes, and related materials according to your precise specifications. We work with our clients closely during the design process.
Our vacuum-forming production process enables us to create stress-free containers that can endure a wide range of hazards, including high temperatures, physical impact, and various types of oils and chemicals.
Endural’s wide-ranging product catalog includes nesting boxes, stacking boxes, tote boxes, small parts trays, utility pans, and much more—all available in a broad spectrum of shapes and sizes.
We take pride in creating high-performance HDPE and ESD containers that can be reused again and again without deteriorating or suffering diminishment of functionality. Our reusable containers often last for ten years or longer.
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About Endural

Endural has been producing high-quality material handling containers since 1960, and over the years we’ve learned a lot about the shipping and storage demands of the electronics industry.

Although any manufacturer must figure out how to manage materials before, during, and after the production process, the electronics sector must be especially careful in handling the parts and equipment it creates. Expensive video cameras, delicate microprocessors, and similar products can be easily damaged if not handled properly.

To address the needs of this vital industry, Endural has designed a variety of high-performance electronics material handling solutions. Our product catalog includes everything from electrostatic-resistant communications equipment cases to heavy-duty stacking boxes that can be arranged in tall columns without buckling.

The entire Endural product line is available in your choice of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or electrostatic discharge (ESD) plastic. HDPE containers are noted for their high degree of resistance to chemicals, cracking, and physical impact; they are available from us in stacked and space-saving nesting options.

Meanwhile, our ESD containers—which use HDPE as their base material—are extremely helpful for battling one of the most troublesome threats to sensitive electronic equipment: static electricity. ESD events can easily cause permanent harm to electronic components, and any containers used to transport or store these types of products must be resistant to this phenomenon.

That’s why our ESD containers conform to MIL-SPEC standards (MIL-B-81705B) for electrostatic protective materials. These products are available in both anti-static and conductive varieties.

What if you can’t find the right product in our catalog? We can create custom electronic cases that match your specifications. In fact, we can create just about any kind of container you need on short notice, from custom computer and AV cases for warehouse use to ATA-style manufactured cases for electronics intended to be transported by air.

From initial drawing to production of samples, we'll consult with you every step of the way to ensure a result you will be satisfied with.

Contact us at 1-800-854-0553 if you have questions about our electronics material handling solutions.

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Endural provides a high quality product that last for many shipments and will always work to meet any demand changes we have throughout the year.

- Briana

The communications with designs and modification changes to the custom inserts and the overall purchase of the engine cases with Endural was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and we look forward to our next order with Endural LLC.  

- Colin D.

Great company to work with! I didn't see a product they had on the website, so they custom built it for my automotive business!

- Robb P.