Proposition 65 Reform Regulations Now In Effect

Products manufactured after August 30, 2018 must now adhere to the new regulations and provide consumers with the appropriate warning labels. According to the California Office of Environmental Health Assessment (OEHHA) companies are, “required to provide a clear and reasonable warning before knowingly and intentionally exposing anyone to a listed chemical.” Proposition 65 now regulates over 850 chemicals. One of which is the polyethyleneused in manufacturing our containers.

We have been working closely with our plastics vendor to ensure our products comply with the new regulations. They were happy to help us through the process and provided a data sheet stating compliance of the raw product we source from them to manufacture our great products.

Businesses are required to provide a warning when:

  1. A consumer is exposed through the use of consumer product
  2. An employee is exposed in the workplace
  3. A citizen is exposed through the environment

The safe harbor warning can be displayed directly on a product, product label or in signage at the point of sale. Failure to comply with Proposition 65 can result in a steep fine of $2,500 per occurrence so be sure to use the following warning when necessary.

WARNING:This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. (or birth defects or other reproductive harm.)

The majority of our products have an exposure level at or below the NSRL or MADL Safe Harbor levels. If you have any questions about our products or how they comply with Proposition 65 we are happy to help. Feel free to contact Sue Williams at 800-854-0553 ext. 201 or via email at