Reusable Shipping Crates for Remanufactured Parts Maximize Supply Chain Efficiency

Supplying and using remanufactured parts makes economic sense for the automotive, electronic, and aerospace industries. Prolonging the useful life of products and parts also has social and environmental benefits. However, logistical challenges can turn businesses away from remanufactured products.

Shipping solutions not only protect remanufactured parts during transport, but purpose-built reusable shipping crates can contain potentially hazardous materials and be used to safely ship cores back to be restored. By replacing single use shipping containers and material handling bins with durable products designed to be reused, the supply chain challenges of remanufactured parts can be solved.

Remanufacturing Supply Chain Challenges

Reusable Shipping Crates for Remanufactured Parts Maximize Supply Chain EfficiencyStudies show that logistics and packaging are some of the serious challenges faced by users and suppliers of remanufactured products.1 Many companies involved in remanufacturing struggle with packaging methods, size, and minimum quantity requirements. The cost of safe and effective packaging for a single item can be significant, and a single-use container will then have to be recycled or discarded.

Transportation to the buyer and reverse logistics for core retrieval add a layer of complexity to remanufacturing that does not exist in most industries. Keeping a remanufactured part in perfect condition during shipping directly improves the reliability and profitability of a remanufacturer. Returning cores in the same shipping crates simplifies the process for the customer while it keeps usable cores coming back without delay or damage.

Safe Shipping There and Back

The unique nature of remanufacturing requires safe and efficient shipping to the customer and safe return of usable cores. Some of the benefits of reusable shipping containers and custom inserts for this growing industry include:

  • Specific transportation cases are designed for remanufactured
  • Durable and reusable shipping crates can be used over and over again.
  • Containers that stand up to the rigors of shipping prevent damage to remanufactured parts.
  • They safely contain leaks or fluids from cores being returned.
  • Specially designed containers can safely transport batteries, including EV batteries.
  • Parts arrive on time and undamaged to prevent delays and customer complaints.
  • Customers have the right case immediately available for shipping core returns.
  • Endural’s universal case design can be fitted with a new insert to fit many different parts, making them one of the most sustainable transport cases for remanufacturing.
  • You can maximize efficiency and lower costs over using disposable crates and packaging.
  • Protect the environment and keep packing materials out of landfills.

Reduce, Reuse, and Re-manufacture

Reduce, Reuse, and RemanufactureSwitching to reusable shipping crates and material handling bins from Endural is not only a practical and economical choice for protecting your parts and receiving core returns, but it reduces the environmental impact of your business. Building a greener reputation also sets your business apart from the competition.

Some examples of the ready-made and universal shipping containers available from Endural include:

  • EV and Automotive Battery Shipping Cases. Endural has transportation cases that meet the strict requirements of hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturers to safely ship these products. Made of thermoformed polyethylene, these cases stand up to oils, chemicals, solvents, and temperature extremes.
  • Rear Axle Shipping Crates. These thermoformed cases are resistant to cracking and splitting, and they meet the material handling requirements of major auto manufacturers. Prevent damage to remanufactured axles and safely contain oils and solvents. These are available for many models and can also be custom made for your parts.
  • Electronic transportation cases. Endural builds ESD-safe shipping packages and material handling containers for advanced electronics, made of anti-static and anti-conductive materials to your specifications. Like all of our shipping cases, they are heat resistant and reusable and can be refitted with custom inserts for maximum flexibility.
  • Specialty Parts. Endural has cases pre-built for diesel particulate filters and cylinder heads, as well as reusable transportation containers for engines, transmissions, and torque converters. All are made of high-molecular-weight polyethylene and thermo-formed with removable inserts designed for your products to minimize shifting or movement and maximize protection.
  • Universal shipping  cases with custom inserts are molded to your exact needs. Standard cases can easily be ordered with custom inserts to fit your remanufactured part or product like a glove, and turn-around time is short for your project.

Switching to Reusable Shipping Crates

Switching to Reusable Shipping CratesGetting started with industry-standard or custom-made transportation cases from Endural is easy. We partner with many remanufacturing companies to ship, store, and handle all kinds of parts safely and efficiently. Our products meet industry requirements, and we make a complete line of returnable shipping crates that will make the transition smooth and cost-effective.

If we don’t make the case you need, contact us for affordable pricing on custom inserts and cases to fit your remanufactured parts or products. The best solutions keep coming back to boost your business. Learn more about reusable transportation products from Endural to keep the supply chain running smoothly for your remanufacturing facility.