Things to Consider Before Selecting a Container Supplier

Across all industries, containers are used for transport, storage, and manufacturing. Choosing the right supplier for reusable transport packaging, custom plastic storage bins, and material handling containers requires considering a number of key factors for the most cost-effective and responsible investment.

Selecting a Container Supplier for Your Specific Needs

Consider container suppliers that have a broad range of products that meet industry standards for your application. There are many types, materials, and strength ratings to protect against crushing, heat, humidity, electrostatic discharge, and other hazards that impact product quality. Container buyers also need to consider how long a container will be usable and the costs of disposal to have a clear picture of the most cost-effective choice.

Provides the Types of Containers Needed

The best container supplier will have a full line of the types of containers your business needs. A reputation for quality and durability is essential. The ability to produce custom containers in a cost-effective manner will expand your options in the long term. Your container supplier should offer a full line of containers, including:

  • Production trays and material handling containers
  • Shipping containers and transport packaging
  • Heavy-duty stacking boxes to prevent crushing and reduce space requirements
  • Modular tote boxes, nesting boxes, and utility pans for versatility

Offers Industry and Application Specific Features

Not only will the right container supplier provide the types of containers needed, but they will also offer the features that make them the best choice for your application or industry. Some features that high-quality container suppliers offer include:

  • Heat-resistant, leakproof, and electrostatic resistant or discharging (ESD) materials
  • Custom liners in reusable outer transport containers for R&D, prototypes, and high-value products
  • High-quality options that meet the needs of the automotive, marine, laboratory, defense, electronics and aerospace industries
  • Reusable, returnable, and recyclable containers that have little impact on the environment

Has a Solid Reputation for Durability and Safety

Another factor for container buyers to consider is employee safety. Packing and unpacking should not create contact with sharp edges or require excessive strain. Containers need to be safe to handle and move by ergonomic design in smaller reusable transport packaging and strong enough to move by forklift and stack on racks for larger containers.

If hazardous liquids are present, containers need to be leak proof and non-reactive. You will want to choose an industry leader with a reputation for quality to protect worker safety across the supply chain.

Aligns on Environmental Protection and Sustainability Goals

Your container supplier should align with your business goals around sustainability by providing zero waste containers that are 100% recyclable. Reusable containers are the strongest sustainable choice, and can be customized with inserts to provide consistent container sizes with different internal layouts.

HDPE containers are a modern solution to the environmental impact of disposable wood packaging. Using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and durable recyclable materials, many of Endural’s reusable transport containers have been in service for 10 years or more. Working with a container supplier that aligns with your green initiatives enhances your brand reputation.

Custom Containers Are Surprisingly Cost-Effective

Many container buyers have not considered custom containers for small product runs or shipping because they expect the cost to be far greater than single use custom crating done by their own employees. In fact, when you consider employee efficiency and safety concerns, custom HDPE containers from Endural are likely to be more cost-effective over time.

Custom plastic storage bins and totes eliminate the need for employees to break open crates and break down cardboard boxes over and over again. Waste management and hauling costs are drastically reduced when you switch to reusable custom containers. Prices for wood, plastic, and cardboard shipping materials continue to rise, making alternative sustainable options better for your bottom line.

Endural’s flexible manufacturing process allows the use of custom molded inserts inside standard heavy duty containers for transport and storage. Designed to be easily moved, stacked, and shipped, the strong containers are reused over and over again. The custom molded inserts are the only part that needs to be replaced when part designs change or new products are introduced.

Transitioning to Reusable Containers

Whether you already use HDPE containers and are looking for a higher quality product that meets your industry standards and requirements, or you are ready to make the switch from single use containers to a more sustainable and cost effective option, Endural has the resources you need to get started today.

As the top supplier of custom plastic storage bins and reusable transport packaging, Endural is the most trusted source for high-quality sustainable products, with a full product line of trays, containers, bins, and totes for every industry. Get a quote today on custom molded containers designed for your products or choose a standard option for our full line of reusable and recyclable containers.