ESD Container Protection

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a real “shocker.”

When you walk on a rug and touch a door handle, you receive lots of volts, not many amps, but it hurts. You can imagine how a little old semiconductor reacts. That voltage can damage or even kill an electric component. Endural can help you solve ESD container issues with its anti-static or conductive containers. In fact, the entire Endural container line can be produced in ESD protective material. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-854-0553. Anti-static, generally blue containers , do not hold a charge for very long. A charge of 5000 volts is fully decayed in less than 2 seconds. This material requires a relative humidity of 15% or greater, so it won’t do the job in very dry atmospheres. The advantage of this material is that it does not slough conductive particles and is therefore usable in clean room situations. Endural’s anti-static containers meet the minimum specifications per MIL-B-81705B. The base material, high-density polyethylene, has high impact strength. To endure that the containers are anti-static, we test the surface resistance. IT must be less than 10 to the 12th ohms per square inch. Conductive containers are always black because the material contains carbon black. The Carbon black allows Endural containers to conduct , and therefore if grounded, they will not create an ESD moment.  The conductivity of the containers is a permanent part of the high density polyethylene material used manufacture the containers. There is, however, a tendency for minute particles of the carbon black to slough. This trait may make the containers unacceptable in some clean rooms. To ensure that the containers are conductive and meet the specification MIL-B81705B, we test the surface resistivity to make sure that it is 10 to the 5th or less ohms per square inch. ESD can be a critical problem and a very expensive one as well . Endural has been providing protection to customers for over 25 years. Our extensive product line means we produce the container size and configuration you need.