ESD Protection Containers

When you walk on a rug and touch a door handle, you receive a mild shock—it hurts, but it’s nothing severe. A small and delicate semiconductor or circuit board is much more vulnerable. The same amount of voltage can harm or even completely ruin electronic parts. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Endural’s electrostatic discharge (ESD) storage bins and related anti-static or conductive solutions can protect these devices from harm. 

Endural’s ESD containers meet the minimum specifications per the U.S. Department of Defense’s MIL-B-81705-B. This specification outlines the requirements for barrier materials that are heat-sealable, flexible, electrostatic protective, and electrostatic and electromagnetic shielding. These materials are typically used for packaging applications to protect sensitive electronic parts and components from ESD, as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI). 


Anti-static containers (generally colored blue) do not hold a charge for very long. A charge of 5000 volts is fully decayed in less than 2 seconds. This material requires a relative humidity of 15% or greater, so it won’t do the job in very dry atmospheres. The advantage of this material is that it does not slough conductive particles and is therefore usable in clean room situations. 

The base material used in our static-safe storage containers is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which has high-impact strength. To ensure that our ESD plastic containers are anti-static, we test the surface resistance. It must be less than 10 to the 12th ohms per square inch. 



Conductive containers are always black because the material contains carbon black. The carbon black allows Endural containers to conduct, and therefore if grounded, they will not create an ESD moment. This conductivity is a permanent part of the high-density polyethylene material used to manufacture these containers. There is, however, a tendency for minute particles of the carbon black to slough. This trait may make the containers unacceptable in some clean rooms. 

ESD can be a critical problem and a very expensive one as well. To ensure that these ESD boxes and containers are conductive and meet the specification MIL-B-81705-B, we test the surface resistivity to make sure that it is 10 to the 5th or less ohms per square inch. 

Come to Endural for ESD Solutions

Endural can help you solve your ESD storage container issues with our anti-static or conductive containers. In fact, the entire Endural container line can be produced in ESD protection material. All the following ESD containers and more are available from Endural:

  • ESD boxes 
  • ESD storage totes
  • ESD storage bins
  • ESD tote boxes 
  • ESD trays
  • ESD shipping boxes
  • ESD protection boxes
  • ESD safe protective boxes
  • ESD containers with lids
  • ESD safe totes
  • ESD safe divider boxes
  • ESD nesting totes 
  • ESD foam inserts
  • ESD auto battery cases
  • ESD transmission cases

Endural also has a custom ESD service that enables you to order a specialized container or storage solution that isn’t in our standard catalog. This provides our customers with the ideal opportunity to design their own ESD bins, ESD boxes, ESD conductive corrugated totes, or practically any other ESD storage containers or solutions required for their particular application. 

Endural has been providing protection to customers for over 25 years. With our extensive product line, we can easily produce the container size and configuration you need. For more information, call us toll-free today at 1-800-854-0553.