"Green" Engine Cases

Endural Engine Cases — Black or Green?

Actually Endural’s engine and transmission cases are both black and green. The black high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic used to make the transportation cases is 100% recyclable. Endural uses trim, scrap and worn out cases in a mixture of HDPE to form new products. Carefully managed, no Endural HDPE plastic should ever end up at a landfill. But recycling is only a small reason Endural can claim to provide “green” products. Transportation cases can be used over and over, many have been in constant use for over 10 years. That means that the wood, corrugated and shrink wrap, used before Endural’s cases were introduced, are not tossed in the dumpster at the end of a single trip. The dollars saved by Endural’s reusable containers are remarkable, but the energy and materials saved are spectacular. The Endural team is proud of both results.

We use recycled materials to the greatest extent possible in the manufacturing of our products. We also accept and provide credit for used Endural products, which are then recycled.