PT-01-42C (a) - 9L x 6 3/8W x 5/8H

PT-01-42C (a) - 9L x 6 3/8W x 5/8H

SKU: PT-01-42C


Outside Dimensions:

  • Overall Length (A): 9
  • Overall Width (B): 6 3/8
  • Overall Height (C): 5/8

Compartment Size:

  • Length: 3/4
  • Width: 7/8
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Modular Tote Boxes

Material : High Density Polyethylene

Standard Color : Grey

These containers are also available in Anti-Static and Conductive materials.

Fits into MTB01 Series Boxes

The ending dash numbers denote number of cavities. For example: PT-1407A-3C means 3 cavaties.

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